Out and About: A Helping Hand

…while out-and-about in downtown Orlando:


4 thoughts on “Out and About: A Helping Hand

  1. Veronique:

    I’m certainly excited for the Publix as well, paticularly given I live so close. My only concern is for those folks who will want to drive to the store. Will they have to park in a parking garage? If so, this might be a little bit of a turnoff.

  2. I’m so excited for this Publix downtown. Between that and the new Tijuana Flats, why should you live anywhere else? Now if only that multi-plex down on Orange would open….!

  3. Britt:

    Yeah, I think the statue just went up recently. It’s located just across the street from Lake Eola, where the new downtown Publix is going.

    Thanks for stopping by “Pulse” by the way.

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