Orlando Weekly’s ”Best Of” Acknowledges Local Bloggers

I’m sure you’re familiar with local weekly newspaper Orlando Weekly. We’ve mentioned them several times here on “Pulse” (remember the “drink guide” post we published a couple of weeks ago?). If you’ve lived in the Central Florida area for any length of time you’ve heard of the Weekly.

Every year they dedicate one issue to “the best of” in Orlando and the Central Florida market. And included this year are everal local bloggers that were recognized in the “best of” categories, and I wanted to give them props here. Of course “Pulse” wasn’t mentioned anywhere, but that’s okay — we’ll blow ’em all out next year!

Best Fat-Rights Blogger

Best Venemous Blog (klynn & I are not really fans of this blog)

Best Lifestyle Blog

And a few honorable mentions, if you will, via the Color Readers’ Poll:

1) Damfame: Orlando (http://www.defameorlando.blogspot.com)

2) Orlando Arts Blog (http://orlandoartsblog.blogspot.com/)

3) Red, White & Dude (http://redwhitedude.com)

Congratulations to all who have been acknowledged this year. It’s great to see some of our local bloggers getting shout-outs, and blogging in general getting mainstream media attention.

4 thoughts on “Orlando Weekly’s ”Best Of” Acknowledges Local Bloggers

  1. Those aren’t “honorable mention”s kid. Those blogs were voted BEST local blog 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (as titled) by the readers and people in Orlando. You know, one of the reasons behind the whole Best of Orlando Weekly 2008 issue. You can discount my win, but don’t discount the others.

    I love you too. And don’t get bitter just because I picked on your Hamster post. And don’t comment back to me, because I won’t be back here any time soon to read it. And DON’T make me comment here again!

    <3 Defame

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