Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown in Orlando

Travel Channel’s vivacious host Samantha Brown (who I am completely in love with) had a special on Orlando this past week, as part of her “Passport to Great Weekends” series. In fact, Orlando Sentinel’s TV critic Hal Boedecker even pre-promoted it on his blog. The program, oddly enough, was meant to focus on the “non-touristy” aspect of life in the Central Florida area. Hey…that’s what we do here on “Pulse”! So needless to say I was anxious to watch the show and see what hidden treasures Samantha might find.

Travel Channel's Samantha Brown

Unfortunately, what could’ve easlity been a one-hour program was edited to a tiny half-hour, and just as I suspected it was a bit disappointing. It’s normally a half-hour show anyway, so I shouldn’t be so hard.

Samantha spent the majority of her time highlighting the shopping and dining in Winter Park (yeah, we know Winter Park’s fabulous and all, but isn’t there more?), along with a segment at downtown Orlando’s CityArts Factory. You might recall klynn did a post on that quite a while back.

All-in-all I suppose I’m thrilled the Travel Channel at least recognized life-after-Disney in our town, but I was wishing for something a little more glamorous. I’d like to get my hands on a copy of the show; if I find it I’ll post it here.

Did anyone else see the program? If so, what are your thoughts?

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  1. @Jim – There’s always stuff to do in Orlando beyond the theme parks. Check out Orlando’s great neighborhoods: Winter Park, College Park, Downtown & Thornton Park. There’s a new-ish Zip Line here if you’re feeling adventurous, a nice boat ride through Winter Park’s Chain of Lakes, lots of Farmers Markets, etc. Here’s a link to our newspaper’s Event page: http://findlocal.orlandosentinel.com/events-and-festivals, and of course, you can always check back here for more info. Enjoy your stay.

  2. I know this article is old and not sure if anyone will read this, but find myself in Orlando Mid April and do not want to do the Theme parks, I remembered seeing Samantha Brown’s show on it and so went searching for the episode.

    The wine bar sounds great, but are there any other things to do? Are there any festivals, or other things? Thanks.

  3. the show was nice, but needed much more. I lived in Orlando for two years( worked for the mouse ) and I always tell my wife I want to move back. I consider it home. No one ever believes me that life down there was fun without spending 24/7 in the parks. I loved exploring the little towns that surround Orlando. Anyone ever eat at Eduardo’s in Mt.Dora? Awesome, if it’s still there.

  4. @Veronique If you can believe it, I still haven’t been to the Wine Bar. I think I’m afraid I’ll love it too much, and spend WAY too much money.

    @Gustavo I agree, both about Samantha being awesome and about her covering more area in Central Florida. There are so many great neighborhoods and sights to see that weren’t even featured. Hey…maybe next time she’s in town she should meet-up with myself and klynn, and we’ll show her around?!?!?

  5. I love the Wine Bar and go there whenever a visiting friend/relative comes into town. It’s also a great place to hang out after the Movies in the Park deal that WP does on Thursdays. They have a neat Mike Ditka wine and a Dan Marino wine, how wacky!

  6. I actually liked the episode. Sure it’d be nice for a longer show about the non-theme-park stuff in Orlando, but all of Brown’s “Passport” shows are 30 min. I think she did a good job of presenting a cross-selection of other cool stuff to do in town when visiting.

  7. Dee:

    As much as I go to Winter Park, I’ve actually never been to the Wine Room; I’ve wanted to for quite some time now.

    And yes…Samantha did look a tad drunk, but hey…that’s the fun of a “wine room,” right?!?!

  8. My wife & I saw the show and we loved the wine bar which looked like a lot of fun to sample ll the different wines. We thought Samantha was a little drunk when she finished but I’m in love with her so it was cute!

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