Live Music!

This past week marks my 20th time seeing my favorite musician, John Mayer, in concert.


(Form your opinions now, I’ve heard it all before.) No, I’m not a groupie, I don’t wear customized shirts or hold up posters, I just love live music. I don’t reserve my concert-going to just one artist, I’ve seen everyone from Madonna to Coldplay to Keith Urban to Kings of Leon.

I’ve been to venues all over the state of Florida and seen John Mayer in 6 different states. If you have a chance this summer, check him out in Central Florida at the Ford Ampitheatere in Tampa on August 30.

Show opener includes new artist Colbie Caillat, whose voice makes up for her lack of stage presence.


2 thoughts on “Live Music!

  1. This is so funny! Well, you know I’ve been to at least two of John’s concerts with you! Have there been more?

    Funny that Colbie opened up for John. She was on 105.1 months back, promoting her album, and I thought she was the most boring person EVER! Unfortunately after that I refused to give her music a chance; although, her music seems just as boring as her….

    …If you’re a new artist on the scene…sorry, you need to have a little more spunk than what she’s offering!

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