Pet Pulse: Jinx Duncan

This is Jinx. She’s just over 4 months old. Her mother got her about a month ago from the Orange County Animal Shelter; she was abandoned by her old owners. The reason she stood out when her mother went to adopt her was because she was so loud! As soon as Mom walked in she started ‘yelling’ at her!

About a week after she came home she got very sick! Right away she was taken to the vet and they said she just had a ‘kitty cold’, most likely left over from the shelter or because of the change in environment. They gave her mom 3 different kinds of medicines to get her better and told Mom that if she got worse it could escalate to pneumonia. Luckily, the medicine made her all better and she’s healthy now.


Her favorite toys are her fake mice! Normally it’s fine, except when she brings them in her Mom’s bed and insists on playing with them. Her other favorite thing to do is sleep – especially on people. She can’t just sleep on a chair or rug by herself….

Overall, the decision to go get her at the shelter that day was one of the best her mom ever made!

3 thoughts on “Pet Pulse: Jinx Duncan

  1. JL Marshall:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Mark Baratelli:

    Yes, they are! I tried volunteering at the Orlando SPCA a few years back, and my heart just couldn’t take it. I wanted to take every single animal home! I hope one day I’ll actually be able to go back and stick to it.

  2. Bless mom’s heart for choosing to adopt from the shelter. She not only saved one life, she freed up a space at the shelter for another cat can be saved.

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