Vandals among us

Several local news outlets reported late yesterday/early today that vandals have damaged city vehicles by spray-painting anti-Barack Obama messages on them. Reports are that the vehicles were actually parked out in the open, across from city hall in downtown Orlando. Here’s the kicker: the vandals left business cards!

Orlando Vandals

I’m sure there will be many follow-ups to this story, particularly because this vandalism specifically calls-out Presidential candidates Obama and Sen. John McCain but the business cards left by the culprits apparently have messages that favor the support for Hillary Clinton. (By the way, Vandals: you know Sen. Clinton dropped out of the race, right?)

In addition to spray-painted statements like “Obama smokes crack,” many of the vandalized vehicles had open gas tanks.

I wonder if any other cities have experienced such vandalism during this campaign. Of course, we’ll post updates here.

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