Central Florida Summer Storms

We Central Floridians are all-to-familiar with the seasonal summer storms. We’re smack dab in the middle of them right now, actually. As I sit here typing this post, here’s what’s outside my apartment window:

It’s times like this I’m glad I’m safe indoors. Have you had similar storms in your part of town?

3 thoughts on “Central Florida Summer Storms

  1. Pooks:

    I was SO happy to see you’d stopped by our blog! Thanks for commenting…and of course, this isn’t why I haven’t come to visit you! I promise I will plan a trip soon!

    As for that “poop,” yeah…not into that!

  2. Dear akeorlando,
    No, I have not experienced similiar storms in my part of town because I live in the DRY, hot central part of California. However, I wish I could sit out on your balcony during such a rainstorm and I am saving your video of the storm so I can look at it while I’m here in the DRY, hot central part of Cowpoop California.

    Is that why you have not come to visit me?


  3. Oh yeah!!! Today the power browned out and then a couple of minutes later there was a bright strike of lightning followed by immediate thunder and the power went out.

    It’s back on now. Still raining, but I think the storm is moving on.

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