Disney’s Pleasure Island closing

According to a recent Tweet by Orlando Arts Blog’s Mark Baratelli–and an article currently on the OrlandoSentinel.com homepage–Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island is closing its nightclubs. Apparently they aren’t doing that great, and Disney fans would rather see more shops and restaurants in the space.

In all honesty this is probably more upsetting to local residents than to tourists: Thursday nights at the entertainment complex have become a staple for Disney employees and many Central Floridians.

The nightclubs are reported to close for business after of September 27th.

7 thoughts on “Disney’s Pleasure Island closing

  1. Can’t say I’ve been to Pleasure Island in a long, long time, but this has gotta be great news for the CityWalk folks.

  2. Corrin:

    “Get funky”? I don’t remember that one. That’s really, really bad. I actually used to work with someone who at one time did Marketing for Pleasure Island — “get funky” was probably their idea! Ha ha ha!

  3. It’s closing the week before my husband and I will be there! I remember going for spring break in college when their tag like was “get funky”. It was awesome.

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