Unwind someplace new this weekend

Orlando Weekly Boozing on a BudgetIt’s the weekend. You’ve had an excrutiating week, and are looking for some place to unwind. But you’re sick of the same ‘ole hangouts, and wanting to experience something new. Well, getting in the car and driving around is one way to do it…and probably the most adventurous way. But if that sounds like too much work then why not pick-up the latest [print] copy of Orlando Weekly, which includes their Summer “drink” guide.

I’m one of those folks who’s always complaining there’s nothing to do in Central Florida. As I’ve mentioned before–numersous times–that’s one of the reasons this blog exists. And I have to say the Weekly’s guide is a huge, huge help in looking for things to do, and keep things exciting. I live and work in downtown Orlando, and there are places in the area I’ve never even heard of — but they’re listed in the guide. I’m certainly looking forward to trying some new places to drink (and eat).

Here are a few reasons you might want to pick-up a guide for yourself:

• Hangouts by location
• Discounts, promotions and special offers
• Coupons
• Happy hours
• Upcoming entertainment (concerts, comedians, plays)
• Maps

The guide really is great for a quick reference, and something new to experience on your weekend. Go ahead…try something new! And I’ll share any new places I go in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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