Pet Pulse: Ezekiel Jones


This is Zeke.

No one person knows where Zeke came from or where he has been. He was rescued from a shelter in Michigan just before he was going to be put to death. They deamed him too wild and untrainable to be a pet. A woman who trained Search and Rescue Dogs got Zeke from the shelter. She spent a couple of years teaching Zeke obedience and agility. Zeke was a cadaver dog. He was trained to find dead bodies….like in the rubble after an earthquake. They said he was the best at finding bodies. He traveled on airplanes and went to conferences and other events.

Only problem was that Zeke was infatuated with squirrels and rabbits. After he was done searching, he would take off in hot pursuit. They decided to retire him from the SAR team. His handler did agility events with Zeke. She also put a harness on him and used him for skijouring….that’s going on cross country skis with the dog as power. Zeke loved that!

Zeke’s mom knew the handler as she was on a homesteading list together on the computer. She was in Michigan, Mom was in Vermont. They met near Rochester, New York and Zeke became his mom’s best friend and helper. Although he came with something like 4 pages of commands, Mom had little use for “FIND”….the command to search for bodies.

Zeke was retrained and became a service dog and that has been his job for the last 6 years. His mom has myasthenia gravis….which literally means grave muscle disease. She was actually in a wheel chair off-and-on when she got him. Now he steadies her and keeps her from falling. He has a handle on his vest to help out.

(Zeke sounds like an awesome dog!)

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  1. It’s amazing all the stores of fabulous pets that were going to be put down just because someone said they were unfit. Sounds like Zeke got very lucky, and proved himself many times over!

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