When you Travel, Does your Pet?

I’ve been a pet owner for almost three years now to a great little puggle named Peanut.

Not having family nearby has made traveling a challenge. She’s not exactly a Paris-type dog, so leaving her behind is the best bet.

Paris and Tinkerbell

Prior to this past weekend, I’d always left Peanut at my Vet’s office, since they also do boarding, but I’m quickly realizing that there are few benefits to that. I love having her stay in a familiar place, where they’re accustomed to treating animals, but I don’t love being forced to pay $24 for a bath before she comes home.

I’ll be traveling again in less than two weeks, so I’m considering a new place.

If you have a dog bigger than Tinkerbell, I’d love to hear your suggestions for great dog sitters and boarding facilities in the Central Florida area.

5 thoughts on “When you Travel, Does your Pet?

  1. Well, my dog is spoiled and stays at the Bed, Bath & Biscuit for $35 a night. But I love that he gets to play all day and isn’t cooped up in a little kennel.

    My parents have taken their dog to Florida with them and he’s boarded at the Disney kennels during the day!

  2. For those who can’t leave your pets behind here are some travel tips so visit your local pet supplies store:

    • Make sure your pet’s shots are up-to-date.
    • Do not administer any medication or treatments without first discussing them with your veterinarian.
    • Obtain documentation from your vet to show that your pet’s vaccinations are current, and that your companion is healthy.
    • If you are traveling to another country, check with that nation’s embassy.
    • Make sure your pets are wearing collars with current Identification tags.
    • Pack any medications your pet may be taking.
    • If you are traveling by automobile, think about the animal’s safety as well as your own.
    • Do not leave an animal unattended in a vehicle.
    • Check with the Airline Carrier for specific requirements when traveling with your pet.
    • Try to book a direct flight to your destination to eliminate additional stress by airline transfers.
    • Call your hotel/motel ahead to confirm that pets are accepted and if any additional fees are required.

    Good Dog Panda!

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