What’s a Foofaraw?

I’m no wordsmith, but damn while doing some research today about (of all things) Blogs, I read this article by InformationWeek writer Cory Doctorow, and I had to scramble for a dictionary. Foofa what?

Foofaraw: A great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant.

Granted, Cory spelled it wrong, but hey, at least he knew how to use the word. Somebody’s Word of the Day calendar is paying off!

7 thoughts on “What’s a Foofaraw?

  1. foo·fa·raw \fü-fə-rȯ\ noun
    1 : frills and flashy finery
    2 : a disturbance or to-do over a trifle

    My mother just named her new company Foofaraw, Inc. She has a list of inventions and needed a name for a company. Wish us luck!!


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