What’s wrong with this picture (would you eat here)?

You know those magazines that put two photos side-by-side, and challenge you to find the differences between the two? Well, I don’t have two photos, but I am going to challenge you to find all the “wrong” things with this local business’s pamphlet. And look closely…

Food Mart pamphlet

…and, would you eat/shop here?

9 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture (would you eat here)?

  1. Thanks for the advertising- I’ve always wanted to shop for shoes with a beer, a cigaret, and have chinese food to take out all before 10:45am.
    This is just what I have been looking for!

  2. Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve always felt that the only thing missing from good Chinese take-out restaurants was the added convenience of buying some shoes and cigarettes at the same time. My prayers have been answered!

  3. It hurts my eyes, I can’t look at it more than 3 seconds. There is a word that looks like “grand opening” that makes my brain melt and turn to cheese whiz when I stare at it. Could you count the whole thing as a mistake?

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