Are we in England?

No…not England. Right here in Central Florida! Betcha don’t know where it is though…. You never know what you might see while you’re “Out and About.”


2 thoughts on “Are we in England?

  1. Ken:

    Actually, no! But you just taught me something new — I had no idea about the one in Mt. Dora. I haven’t spent much time up there, but I’ve been wanting to.

    You’ve given me some great ideas about new places to venture to!

  2. This looks to be the one in Mt. Dora at the tea room up there. There’s another at a car lot on Orange Ave just south of downtown Orlando, the car lot also has a double decker bus. And of course there’s one in the England pavilion of Epcot.

    A drive down 27 makes you think your in England with all the British flags flying, it makes the area so fun.

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