Pulse “Meets” Metro I-4 News

Being fairly new to the Central Florida blogging community, it’s always exciting to “meet” fellow bloggers. We were recently introduced to blogging aggregator, Metro I-4 News, which features blogs from throughout the I-4 Corridor … Orlando to Tampa.

The aggregator’s creator also writes a blog about all things Lakeland.

Check out some of MI4’s other blogs:
Sticks of Fire
Tales from the Delk Side

One thought on “Pulse “Meets” Metro I-4 News

  1. Well, I’m really glad Pulse will be featured on MI4. I really liked the hyperlocal approach this blog takes to reporting the news of Orlando.

    At MI$, we are trying to make sure we bring together the best of the I-4 blogs, and feature daily links to the regions overlooked stories from the main stream media.

    I guess my hope is seeing all the blogs show residents along the I-4 corridor are facing the same problems. That talk of Orlando vs Tampa or Lakeland vs Orlando might sell papers, or serve politicians, but it doesn’t help us solve our common problems.

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