Pet Pulse: Sophie Johnson

Sophie is a one-and-a-half year old Syrian hamster who lives in Winter Springs, Florida. She is very sweet but has been known to throw quite a temper tantrum when she does not have her Fiesta brand hamster food. Her interests include: running in her hamster ball, climbing up blinds, and hiding food around the house when she escapes from the hamster ball.

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3 thoughts on “Pet Pulse: Sophie Johnson

  1. Defame: Orlando:

    Maybe “boring” wasn’t the appropriate word to use. I suppose I just expected something else when I first got there. I certainly appreciate your niche and the audience you’re trying to reach, so I apologize.

    As for us, we’re really trying to appeal to a broader audience.

    I do at least appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us. Perhaps I’ll give your blog another look….

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