2010: Disney’s Bowling Odyssey

Local news site OrlandoSentinel.com reports that Disney’s Wide World of Sports is planning to bring to the Central Florida community the world’s largest bowling alley, by 2010. The 100-lane staidum-style seating venue will not only be host to world sports competitions but open to the public as well…and comes complete with a restaurant.

Of course Disney’s keeping any additional details under wrap, but if we hear of any new information we’ll make sure and let you know.

4 thoughts on “2010: Disney’s Bowling Odyssey

  1. wpmmomof2:

    Yup, it’s pretty amazing. Like corrin said, Disney doesn’t do anything small.

    I’m definitely looking forward to at least one trip out to the bowling alley, once it opens-up.

  2. corrin:

    You’re definitely right about that. They are the “theming” gods. I can just see it now: bowling shoes with minnie mouse laces; “Little Mermaid” playing over the loud speakers; and those disgusting big turkey legs for snacks!

    I can’t wait….

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