How ”Crafty” Do You Think You Are?

OK, Central Floridians! You’re out-and-about running errands, taking kids to school, heading out to dinner or the club. But how closely do you really pay attention to your surroundings?

Got a clue about what Orlando building these two paintings can be found on?



Tell us your answer either via the comments section of this post, or drop an e-mail to pulseofcentralflorida[at]mail[dot]com. And if you have any cool pictures you snap while you’re “out and about,” feel free to share them with us!

7 thoughts on “How ”Crafty” Do You Think You Are?

  1. spearlife:

    Really?! That’s awesome. Thanks for dropping by our site and introducing yourself.

    And yes…I’m fully aware of the mural you’re referring to downtown. I actually work about a block from there, and see the painting nearly every day when driving to the office.

    You should design something special for our blog! 🙂 Like a customized header!

  2. I drive by that every day and love it. It is fun when you see them outside sketching and you know something new is coming.

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