The “Sex” Was Good at Waterford Lakes

Like I mentioned yesterday, I ventured over to East Orlando last night to catch the 7:50pm showing of the “Sex and the City” movie. Yeah, I was definitely looking forward to it. Moreso than anything because one of the friends I was going to the movie with is a “Sex” fanatic, and I knew being with her would be entertaining. And that is was….

I was actually quite surprised at how “not chaotic” the crowds at the Regal Waterford Lakes 20 was. Sure, there were crowds; the theater, actually, was showing double features at various times throughout the evening, and most showings were sold out. Good thing the cineplex could handle it.

Theater photoLast night, I believe, was the first time I’d seen a movie at Waterford Lakes. Living in downtown Orlando, East Orlando is not a frequent stop in my schedule. But overall I have to say I was pretty impressed with their venue, particularly given the potential crowds over the hype of “Sex and the City”: quick service at the concession stands, swift moving lines at the “ticket stop,” and no lines at the restroom. I also like that the cinemas, like most today, are equipped with online ticket pick-up (i.e., Fandago kiosks).

Overall…great outing at the movies! (Hey…I’m getting old and the “movie experience” isn’t at the top of my list these days!)

If you plan on checking-out the “Sex and the City” movie and live in the Central Florida area, I definitely recommend Regal Waterford Lakes 20 as an option. And if you need to catch-up on “Sex” storylines before heading-out to see the movie, you can see episodes in syndication at various times throughout the week on TBS and CW 18.

* NOTE: Photo is not representative of Regal Waterford Lakes 20 theaters.

2 thoughts on “The “Sex” Was Good at Waterford Lakes

  1. patti:

    It’s a pretty decent theater. Nothing too fancy. Personally, I enjoy seeing movies at Universal because you can purchase beer or wine!

    I LOVE the Enzian. I would definitely look for a dedicated post sometime in the future.

  2. We might have to check this theatre out sometime. We’re live in the Conway area, so it’s not always practical. Last night we went to my fav place, Enzian to see Control. Have you checked this movie out. Nothing like listening to Joy Division in 90 degree weather.

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