Casselberry Golf Club

Florida has more golf courses than any other state in the U.S. — a whopping 1,250.

Today, after a failed attempt at playing the Winter Park Muni, we ended up at one of Central Florida’s oldest courses, Casselberry Golf Club.

Casselberry Golf Club

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Normally, I would find “one of Central Florida’s oldest courses” an endearing description, but today I realized it just meant the course actually looked as though it hadn’t been maintained since its inception in 1947.

Maybe that’s not completely fair, but what is fair is the first 9 holes are pretty rough. The course winds through the surrounding Casselberry neighborhood making it nearly impossible to walk and many of the Tee Boxes were more dirt than grass.

I could just be bitter because I played worse than my usual awful, but given their rates fall in the average range, I think they could step up the greens maintenance just a tad.

Casselberry Golf Club can be found on Triplet Lake Drive, just off of 17-92 in Casselberry.

Casselberry Golf Club
300 S. Triplet Lake Drive
Casselberry, FL 32707

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  3. Well, I’m certainly no golfer. Actually, golf is to me–personally–one of the least interesting sports; however, I understand it is a great pleasure for many folks.

    If I were a golfer, this would probably be one of the last places I would be inclined to go play…even before reading your post. I don’t know — Casselberry just seems like everything there would be old! Then again, I haven’t spent too much time there.

    Hey, have you tried Dubsdread? I know they recently refurbished their entire course. Maybe that would be something to consider?

  4. Casselberry Golf Club is pretty bad. To me it will forever be known as Dingleberry Golf Club.

    It seems that in the Orlando area there are the elite courses or the crap-tastic courses with few in between. This is a busy course and it seems the least that can be done is mowing a fairway and keeping it clean. It would seem that is place would have several dollars to put back into their course.

    I think the problem there is that the owners, staff and golfers have generally a poor attitude. Like in many cases, a little work goes a long way. I would consider this the low class golf course. It draws low class people who could care less of the surroundings or themselves. The course was littered with cigarette , empty beer bottles, and garbage.

    I generally think people who intentionally litter are scum-bags.

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