The Return of 90210

For those of you who missed Brenda, Dylan and the whole Bev Hills crew back in the 90s, (*Gasp*) you’re in luck … “Beverly Hills, 90210” is coming back!!!

Thanks to the Soap Network, the original “90210” has been back on my television for several years, but that won’t stop me from watching as the CW Network sets out to bring one of the most successful primetime soaps of the 90s back to television.

Word is much of the original cast is set to join the new show, including Jennie Garth, aka, Kelly Taylor; Tori Spelling, aka, Donna Martin; and Ian Ziering, aka Steve Sanders.

Sign me up for a season of guilty pleasure! The new “90210” debuts this fall on the CW!

3 thoughts on “The Return of 90210

  1. Corrin:

    I can tell you that klynn75 LOVES 90210! This post amuses me….

    How come your parents didn’t allow you to watch the show, out of curiosity? And most importanly…how it the Tori Spelling book?!?!?!

  2. I just added all the available seasons to my Netflix queue. I was only in middle school when 90210 was popular, and my parents didn’t let me watch, so I have some major catching up to do before next fall! Perfect timing, because I’m in the middle of Tori Spellings book, too!

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