I swear this isn’t a cycling blog …

Friday, May 16, 2008, is National Bike to Work Day. I know this because I was in my local Starbucks a couple of days ago and while waiting for my Venti Iced Brewed Coffee with Classic, I saw Mayor Buddy Dyer’s face on a flyer …


Mayor Dyer is celebrating Bike to Work Day by riding from his “neighborhood” Starbucks in College Park to City Hall. Starbucks is offering free coffee if you ride your bike and bring your own mug.

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I still haven’t figured out if riding with hot coffee is smart (thanks, Dan!) but I’m gonna swing by that very Starbucks tomorrow and attempt to make my way — by bike — from Downtown Orlando to Maitland.

I apologize in advance to my co-workers because, sadly, our building has no shower facilities.

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