Do You “Aspire” to Live in Downtown Orlando?

If you’ve lived in the Central Florida area for at least two years then you know downtown Orlando is growing at a rapid pace. Heck, the outskirts of downtown are even expanding at an insane pace (see College Park, SoDo.) While I’m pretty certain we’ll never be a New York City or San Francisco, it’s at least good to see both residential and commercial entities moving downtown; one can’t really survive without the other.

I had the opportunity to check-out one–if not the only–new “rental” property in the center of downtown Orlando — “Aspire.” Now, the name I’m not necessarily fond of. The exterior of the building, however, is magnificent. Certainly one of the most interesting in the downtown area, I think.

Aspire recently opened itself up to public showing, and is looking to have residents occupy the building by June or July. Various floorplans are available — everything from studios to 3BR/2BA. There’s also a penthouse. Units start at $1,040 per month, and includes washer/dryer and one (1) parking spot; additional parking spots cost extra. Here’s an offering of the different floorplans:

Aspire floorplans

I’ll leave my opinions about the apartments–namely the quality–themselves out of this post, and let you make up your mind for yourself. What I will say is that I really like what the property is trying to do, and it has some stunning views of the downtown Orlando and Lake Eola areas. For just a short minute, one might have the feeling we live in a big city

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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