Be smart when deciding where to stay on your next vacation

TripKick LogoThe words “travel” and “Orlando” have pretty much grown to be synonymous with one another. Most often, though, one thinks about incoming travel versus outgoing. But those of us who live in the Orlando/Central Florida are usually looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the tourist-flooded city, even if we rarely spend time on International Drive or the Downtown Disney area. So once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of where to GO on your vacation, the next big step is where to STAY.

TripKick.com is a new site that launched today, actually, and goes beyond the service that sites like TripAdvisor provide, and focus on the more detailed things hotel-goers are interested in. Things like elevator noise, exterior doors closing and opening, noise coming from the bar, crappy views from the room, and late night parties at the pool are all things that could easily ruin a trip. TripKick aims to help eliminate these things before you ever leave your house.

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Since the site is in its infancy it’s somewhat limited with its capabilities. However, in the cities–the main US metropolises–where information is available consumers can look for specific, targeted information on rooms and can even get down to things such as room views, whether the hotel allows pets, or if the room has a golf view.

The site also maintains a blog at http://blog.tripkick.com/, which is always useful tool; you can engage and interact with other users, and obtain information you might not normally get on the website. I’m really looking forward to seeing how well TripKick is accepted, and even more how consumers use it.

If at at point you use this site to plan your vacation, make sure and let us know how it turns out!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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