Share the Road

I don’t know how else to say this, but please … Share the Road.

Share the Road

If you see this sign, and you need further instruction, it means back off the cicylists who have no where else to ride, but on the street with you. Trust me, if there are bike lanes we’ll be in them, but if you’ve been around Central Florida, bike lanes are few and far between.

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You’d think with gas prices soaring and the obesity epidemic that cities would do more to encourage alternative transportation, but it doesn’t seem that’ll be the case here any time soon. So, from an avid rider, thanks in advance for sharing the road, see you out there!

2 thoughts on “Share the Road

  1. I’ve lived in many cities around the world and Orlando is at the top of my list for worst drivers.
    Heck, my sister in law drove on the wrong side of the road during her driving test (she’s British), and PASSED.
    Anyway, I worry about my husband’s safety when he bikes to work. He has a story nearly every day about nearly being hit by careless drivers.

  2. I think we live in the country with the world’s worst drivers…douchebags really. The road rage, impatient, and lack of consideration is very worrisome as a cyclist. It kills me when traffic may have to wait 20 seconds to go around and when they do go around they to show their discuss by hammering the gas pedal to the floor to show. This is really impressive and really brings out the dick-head quality.

    But anyway my point is; take safety into your own hands wear a helmet and use front and rear lights. Helmets are not dorky, and if you think so Lance Armstrong may be the biggest dweep in the world.


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