It’s wild in Winter Park!

Just when you think living in Central Florida is boring and nearly everything’s predictable, along comes a little surprise to renew your interest. Recently while at a residence located in the Winter Park area, I discovered a family–or perhaps just a gang of friends–of owls living in a Birds of Paradise plant. Yes…I said owls! They’re definitely in a well-hidden place, but look closely and you can see them:

owl iiowl i


In doing a little research about this encounter at TheOwlPages.com, I believe the owls I saw are the Eastern Screech Owl, although according to the information on the site these creatures are primarily nocturnal.

If you’ve seen wild animals lurking around the Central Florida area we’d love to hear your story or see your photos. E-mail them to us by clicking here. You’re also welcome to leave a comment in this post.

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