Buy, Sell, Rent … Is it All Bad?

Well, you’ve read all the doom and gloom about the housing market being in the toilet, but all that press just leaves me wondering, is it all bad?

The answer is No! There are some fantastic deals out there, including this gem For Sale by some of my dearest friends:


More details about this little beauty can be found here.

However, if the market still has you a little gun-shy, here are a few of my favorite local resources for stalking the rental market.

In no particular order,
Craigslist … Weed through the crap; focus on the areas you like; and know that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Olde Town Brokers … Especially strong if your focus is Downtown or Thornton Park.
Sutton and Sutton … A College Park staple.
Orlando Rentals … I’m still new to this site, but it looks promising.

Whatever you decide, Buy or Rent smart! And hit me up if you have any great resources for a lifetime renter!

One thought on “Buy, Sell, Rent … Is it All Bad?

  1. Olde Town has been extremely useful to me on a couple of occasions. While it tends to cater to the higher-end renter–in downtown Orlando, Thornton Park, College Park–it’s a valuable resource nonetheless.

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