Pet Pulse: Chachi D. Mang

Chachi Mang (aka, “Chach”), a Chihuahua, just celebrated his 3rd birthday. He weighs 7.5 lbs. He enjoys nummy-nummy-steak and nummy-nummy-turkey, boar’s head of course. Chach loves to lay in the sun and go for rides in the car. He loves to sleep in and take an afternoon siesta (resist urge to make inappropriate Mexican comment).

He spends half the week living with his mom, Priscilla, in Conway and the other half with his grandparent’s “Pa-Pa-Bob” and “Ma-Ma-Betty” in the UCF area. Uttering the words “Pa-Pa-Bob” will send chachi into a frenzy, because 1) he loves to ride in the car, and 2) he looooooooves to go to the grand parent’s house. All-in-all, he’s about as spoiled as they come.

Chachi D. Mang iChachi D. Mang ii

Chachi also speaks when spoken to, as I had the pleasure of learning when I met him last year:

5 thoughts on “Pet Pulse: Chachi D. Mang

  1. Courtney:

    I even believe she’d just purchased a camera! It’s definitely a great shot.


    Hey…you love what you love, right? I myself am a cat person (my cat has been featured here) but Chachi is one awesome pooch!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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