How do you weekend?

Thursday is without a doubt my favorite day of the week … the only real reason for that, is its closeness to the weekend. I know I’m not alone in the sentiment that most working folk live for the weekend.

Today riding around the lake in Baldwin Park, enjoying the sun and the outstanding spring weather, I wondered how do you spend your weekend?

Do you sleep in and hit up Wall Street? Do you shop at some of Central Florida’s best malls, like Millenia or Florida Mall? Do run around to the area’s theme parks?

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This weekend I took full advantage of the weather by playing (I use that word very loosely) a few holes of golf, a little tennis (about as lousy as I played golf), and took a bike ride.

Now it’s your turn, I’d love to know how you spend those coveted days after putting in your 40 hours?

One thought on “How do you weekend?

  1. Well, lately it seems my weekends have been spent doing chores and a little bit of work. I’m looking to explore Orlando and the Central Florida area more–not only for our blog here but also just to occupy myself–so I’ll keep you posted.

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