Bumper “tape”: A new trend?

* Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be taken with a negative tone. Merely a tone of “awareness” and precaution. * I don’t ever want this blog to be a forum for being mean or calling people out. However….

I was “out and about” today, and saw this car twice — once at the grocery and then while I was driving home. Something struck me very funny, actually when I saw the car in the parking lot of the grocery store: if you look closely (and I tried to get the best photo while I was driving) the three bumper stickers in the rear are scotch taped…yes, taped…to the window! I started to wonder, “Is this a new fad I’m not aware of?” I mean, if you’re going to display bumper stickers on your car, just commit to it. Know what I’m saying? The tape doesn’t make the stickers look any more classy.

I’m thinking this is probably not a new trend in the cult of bumper stickerdom. Just someone not wanting to ruin their precious Lexus SUV.

Bumper tape?

From this person’s bumper stickers here’s what we can deduct:

1. They were going to vote for a Presidential candidate who, honestly, never had a chance of winning. So now that he’s dropped out of the race, you can’t even make the effort to peel off the scotch tape?
2. We know they listen to the local “positive” radio station, Z88.3.
3. They love their husband. Hmmm…with this bumper sticker, are they trying to convince us they love their husband, or themselves? After all, shouldn’t you love the person you’re married to? (Something to think about.)
4. Their car means very much to them.

Here’s the part that could be misconstrued as “negative” (but I promise it’s not):

Now normally when featuring a photo like this I would blur out the license plate number, unless it were something cryptic I was needing help in figuring out. But I chose to leave the tag in the photo because the driver of the vehicle was catapulting it through my [residential] neighborhood–Delaney Park–at just over 35 mph…not to mention completely ignoring about four yield signs. I was a little ticked-off, not only because I had to speed as well to capture the photo (LOL) but also because there’s a park across from my house where many children are always present.

(NOTE TO DRIVER: If you are going to send out the message that someone who listens to Z88.3 is associated with, you might want to start obeying the law, and being a little more cautious of those around you.)

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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