Colibrí: For a Decent Mexican Meal

Colibr� Mexican Cuisine Mexican food is probably one of my favorite cuisines (here I go talking about food again). Good Mexican food, that is. And in the Central Florida area that’s been a little hard to come by in the past several years. Until now…at least in my opinion.

Colibrí Mexican Cuisine is a relatively new restaurant located in the charming Baldwin Park community. I’ve been wanting to try it for months-and-months; fear of a new restaurant not being so great, and a mediocre review published just after opening (not that I pay that much attention to critics of any kind) kept me from going. I gave in about a month ago though, and enjoy Colibrí’s food so much I’ve been there twice: the first time to celebrate my birthday (that’s my dish featured below), the second time with a couple of other folks.

Colibr� dishColibrí’s menu doesn’t necessarily offer anything innovative, per say, but the dishes they do offer are prepared well, are delivered quickly (even during busy times), and at affordable prices. If you’re interested in checking-out the restaurant for yourself, I would recommend visiting their website first to do a little “research.”

ColibriOrlando.com offers insight on:

• Appetizers
• Soups & Salads
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Seafood
• Favorites
• Kids & Dessert Menu

In addition to a quaint dining room and energetic bar, the restaurant offers-up outdoor dining by a lake. If the weather’s right, the outdoor seating could be a quite enjoyable experience.

There are a couple of things to consider if you plan on going to Colibrí for a meal:

1. Day of the week. Obviously dinner on a Friday or Saturday night might be busier than any other time. This can create longer waits, particularly given the restaurant’s dining room is fairly small.
2. Time of day. While I haven’t been to the restaurant for lunch, I would imagine it’s far less crowded than dinner.
3. Parking. There’s not much “standard” parking here, or really anywhere in Baldwin Park, for that matter. So keep in mind you might end-up having a bit of a walk to the restaurant.

Colibrí’s location and hours of operation:

4963 New Broad Street, Orlando, FL 32814
M-TH: 11am to 9:30pm
FRI-SAT: 11am to 10pm
SU: 12pm to 9pm

Map of Colibri Mexican Cuisine

13 thoughts on “Colibrí: For a Decent Mexican Meal

  1. thanks for sharing! u need to go and sit outside, its amazing. right on the lake, the atmosphere is kick ass. love all the puppies walking around!

    the fajitas are amazing, the margaritas are wonderful and i love the salsa! SUCH a delightful mexican restaurant, one of my favs!!!

  2. @OcalaMexicanFood Sounds good. Ocala is a bit of a drive for me personally, but I bet some of our readers are closer.

    Now…if you wanna throw a free meal to me and my partner–and maybe a margarita or two–so we can write about you, I’m TOTALLY in! 🙂

  3. Colibri sounds like it’s worth a visit. Thanks for the review.

    For more reviews of authentic Mexican restaurants just a little further north, visit OcalaMexicanFood.com. I use an easy to understand 3 pepper scale to visit a restaurant for lunch, dinner, or never again.

  4. Anna:

    I’m thrilled to hear your comment. It means so much to both klynn and I that you used our blog to find Colibri. As I’ve mentioned so many times on our blog, our goal is to provide Central Florida residents with an “insider’s” resource into things to do and experience in our city!

    Thanks for visiting, and please keep coming back!

  5. I was searching for Colibri’s webpage and instead found this page with the comments. I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience my family and I had at this restaurant. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere a delight. I will definitely be back!

  6. Mike:

    One more thing: Do you mind if I inquire whether or not you went to visit Colibri as a result of the feature here on our blog? That’s something that’s very important to us, and we value the opinion of our readers.


  7. LilyM:

    Wow…I seriously am not! 🙂 I promise. Both times I’ve been to the restaurant I’ve had great experiences. I even went with the same person both times, and their opinion is the same.

    I’ll make you a deal — I’ll give it another shot, and let you know how it goes.

    You know what they say: “Different strokes for different folks.”

  8. I think akeorlando must be a set up damage control person for Colibri because the place is simply just a big waste of money.

    Forget about how boring the food is (you have to add so much salt and spice you may as well go back in the kitchen and cook it yourself), the drinks are a joke and as for the service,
    the staff all look like they are not sure what they are supposed to do.
    if you go, bring spices!

  9. The experience I had with PR’s Taco Explosion was also less than desirable. For Mexican food stick to the basics…Tijuana Flat is the most solid move. The place is clean. The staff is courteous, and every time it has a great atmosphere.

  10. Mike:

    Firstly, let me thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Regardless of whether or not our readers agree with our opinions, we want “Pulse” to be a community for those living in Orlando/Central Florida. This means talking about both the “good and the bad.”

    Secondly, it really stinks you had such a bad experience. As I mentioned in the post, I’ve been to the restaurant twice, and both times were great dining experiences for me — great food, great atmosphere, and great service! I would most definitely recommend you contact the owner or someone in high management to tell them about your encounter! (By the way, personally, I will never go to the PR’s in Winter Park again. I walked by the kitchen once while going to the bathroom, and it was disgusting! I don’t even want to think about what eventually ends-up in the food.)

  11. First of all, I really wish I knew who owns this place. Regardless, I hope this place folds and is replaced by a restaurant.

    We went to dine last night, and stood up at the hostess stand for five minutes before someone came and talked to us. We put our name on the waiting list for an outside table and told the hostess we would be at the bar.

    When we walked up to the bar, what I thought was the bartender, since he was sporting a mohawk, was sitting down at the bar and just stared at us as we walked up to it. He immediately got up and disappeared. After much disbelief, and about 5-10 more minutes a customer said something to us that they must have gotten busy outside. (Here I must mention that there are only 8 tables outstide and a server, or two, can handle that quite easily) Finally, the mohawked kid returned, as well as another person who proceeded to get our drink orders. When I gave him mine, he served someone else a beer and came back to me. Hello, do you not know how to serve who you are helping first?

    When walking outside, I asked the hostess who the mohawked kid was and was astounded to find out that it was the manager! That set the precedent. A manager, I would have thought, would great you and rush back to the bar, not disappear, and certainly would not be sitting at the bar with the customers.

    While we were having our drinks, we noticed that there were two empty outside tables and a large party had taken a third. All this, and the hostess had not even come up to us!!

    This place is a joke!!

    We proceeded to leave and go to PR’s in Winter Park and had great food and great service from Angela.

    So save yourself the hassle and do not go here!

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