A Tribute: Orlando Mad Lib

Best of Mad LibsMad Libs turns 50! Can you believe it? You remember those from childhood, don’t you? I’ve loved Mad Libs for years and years; I learned about its birthday this morning while watching The Today Show. Immediately I thought, “How can I pay tribute and blog about this, and still make it interesting?” So here’s my solution: an original, made-for-our-readers, for-your-entertainment Orlando Mad Lib!

Now, since you can’t actually fill-in the blanks by writing on your computer screen (well, you can but I’m not going to recommend it) you can leave your “words” in the comments field of this post! After all, we want to see how creative you can be!

Have fun:

Orlando Mad Lib

When somebody (verb) ____ me about Orlando, I immediately (verb) ____ them (noun) ____. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to live in (adjective) ____ Orlando.

Sure, normally the first thing people think of when they hear the word Orlando is ____ Mouse and Disney (noun) ____, but there really is so much more. Like (adjective) ____ parks, (adjective) ____ lakes, and (adjective) ____ golf courses!

One thing many (noun) ____ may not know is Orlando hosts many (adjective) ____ events every year, like the Florida Film Festival that happens at the (adjective) ____ Enzian Theatre in Maitland; the (adjective) ____ Orlando International Fringe Festival; and the Orlando Beer Festival.

Of course there are also various arts & crafts festivals throughout the year, where one can buy (adjective) ____ art, hear (adjective) ____ music, and eat (adjective) ____ food.

The Central Florida area also offers many (adjective) ____ restaurants, (adjective) ____ sports, and clubs & bars, many of which can be found talked about here on this (adjective) ____ blog, “Pulse of Central Florida.”

Orlando. The City Beautiful.

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