Amber Alerts to Your Mobile Device

Several months ago I published a post on my personal blog that I thought would be relevant and interesting to our “Pulse” audience. You may have even heard about it somewhere else by now; I was reminded of it earlier this morning while reading the news online. I’m referring to a service that gives you the capability of having amber alerts sent to your mobile device free of charge. I originally learned about this while watching a daytime chat show and I was immediately intrigued, not only because of the nature of the topic but also because of the integration of technology into this rather unfortunate common occurrence (kidnapping).

Basically, here’s what happens:

If a child goes missing in your local region or area–in our case the Orlando or Central Florida area–you can sign-up to receive an alert to your mobile device, notifying you of details. It’s all customizable at WirelessAmberAlerts.org. You can select up to five (5) zip codes for which you’d like to receive alerts, should a child ever go missing there.

While I’m certainly not the first person you would come to if you need help with your child, I definitely would in a situation such as an amber alert, particularly if something like this technology were at my disposal. So I went the aforementioned site and signed-up, and here’s the text message I received post-sign-up:

Mobile amber alert image

Now, never mind that my password is displayed. I’m pretty sure you can’t do anything to my account without all of my information. While I’m certainly not anxious for a child to go missing, I will be interested to see what one of the mobile alerts looks like…and what sort of information it contains. When I do I will make sure and provide an update here.

If you have the chance you should sign-up for mobile amber alerts. It’s free*…and after all it promotes giving back to the community!

* certain rates may apply depending on the mobile carrier and rate plan you have

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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