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Eureka!  I found my new favorite restaurant. Nestled among downtown’s lovliest neighborhoods, the elusive Bravissimo Cafe is delish!

The quaint little Italian cafe hardly needs to try, but succeeds nicely in making you feel as though you’ve just stopped by an old friend’s place for a homecooked Italian meal.

Interior Bravissimo

Originally located in Winter Park, Bravissimo moved to the Thornton Park neighborhood nearly 10 years ago and has flourished since.

The cafe serves a variety of “simple Italian food done well” for lunch and dinner. Bring your appetite and start with the Polenta Quattro Formaggi … a rich four-cheese polenta topped with Italian sausage.

I think Webster’s has this one nailed …
Used to express great approval, especially of a performance; [Italian superlative of Bravo]

Bravissimo Cafe
337 Shine Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

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  • Alicia at BalancingMotherhood.com
    Friday, 11 April 2008

    I love Bravissimo! Food is always good.

  • akeorlando
    Friday, 11 April 2008

    Surprisingly, in the nearly 10 years I’ve lived in the Central Florida area, I’ve never been here. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to check-it-out.

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