Pet Pulse: Cassidy Marie Bamford

This is Cassidy Marie Bamford. She is a very unique dog. She is a Schipperke. Her favorite hobby (an understatement if ever there was one) is playing ball — it’s an addiction, really!

Cassidie Marie Bamford

Once upon a time, when she was a puppy she was not allowed on the furniture; however, five days alone with her “Godfather,” baby sitting, and she quickly learned that the couch and all of the furniture really belonged to her!

She is the Queen!

7 thoughts on “Pet Pulse: Cassidy Marie Bamford

  1. We are Cassidie’s cousins and we miss her very much. We come to orlando to visit her and love playing ball with her. We love to say her name a zillion times to get on Aunt Jill’s nerves. Cassidie does not mind as long as we keep throwing that ball. We miss you and love you.
    Alexander and Jillian

  2. Nancy:

    Oh yes, trust me…I know! She loves that ball.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! If you know of anyone else who has a pet that deserves to be featured, tell them to e-mail us.

  3. As Cassidie’s annual babysitters, I could not think of a dog who will love the attention and fanfare of being a Central Florida Internet Star! Well Done!

    Jeff and Simone

  4. akeorlando,

    While being a house guest at the Bamfords in Orlando, I was warmly introduced to Cassidie with tennis ball in mouth. Seriously, the ball does not leave her precious mouth. Cassidie, I believe, has taken on the personalites of the family, Bamford. She was rescued by Jill, nurtured by Burns, and comforted by Joan. And of course…deeply loved by all.


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