23 is the Number

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It’s not my age…anymore.

Far from it, actually.

23 Orlando lighting fixtures close-upWhat it is, is a relatively new hangout in downtown Orlando, and one that gets high recommendations from me. Some folks I’m acquainted with invited me there one night last week to hear a friend DJ. I’d been to 23 Orlando once before a few months back and have been looking for an excuse to go back, so I jumped at the chance.

Let me begin by saying what I don’t like about 23. Firstly, it’s on Church Street. Now, I realize here on this blog I don’t really divulge too much personal information as I don’t feel it’s an appropriate venue; I have another blog for that. But if you did know anything about me you’d know I’m not the biggest fan of going out in downtown Orlando — more specifically Church Street. It’s essentially a big frat house party, with the kinda people you’d expect at a frat house party to go along.

And while I haven’t been to 23 on a Friday or Saturday night there’s a slight chance this may actually be the kinda people who hang out here. So that’s what I don’t like.

23 Orlando barWhat I do like, though, is the interesting decor and layout of the club. It’s on the second floor, and a long, narrow staircase leads up to the entrance. And the interior is unique from other Orlando bars in that it’s centered by a wood/rustic atmosphere (but without being woods-y.

23’s website, 23Orlando.com, is actually a great resource for those interested in visiting the bar. There’s a brief description of the bar, a photo gallery (including some of the patrons), contact information and the “join the newsletter” feature. One feature I particularly like is their event calendar — their regular weekly events are posted right there so you know what’s going on before you head downtown.

Here’s the schedule:

23 Orlando Weekly Events calendar

Though having this schedule available for viewing on their website, as with any business hours of operation can change. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to check the site and/or the the 23 Orlando MySpace profile before heading to downtown Orlando. You might even want to give them a call.

Of course I always like to provide as much input as I can on these posts, so I must bring up to things to think about before going to 23 Orlando:

There is an enforced dress code, particularly for men. This means no flipflops or tennis shoes.
Drinks are pricey, especially after any of the “early” promotions they might be having.
There is likely a cover on weekends. Since both evenings I went to the venue during the week, I cannot say for sure.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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