Looking for more of the arts in Orlando?

If so, you might want to visit Downtown Arts District’s (DAD) website. An organization developed nearly a decade ago to raise awareness and support for the growth arts and culture in downtown Orlando, DAD holds regular events every third Thursday of the month, throughout the downtown Orlando area.

Third Thursdays

Here is the DAD’s mission: To Grow the Arts in the Heart of Orlando. Pretty good mission, I’d say. Hopefully one day we’ll get there.


* To promote art and cultural venues and events in downtown Orlando
* To enhance Downtown’s uniqueness as a destination for local residents
* To enhance arts education
* To encourage development of arts organizations by providing financial assistance and incentives
* To promote cultural tourism

Strategic Plan:

* Supporting local art groups through facility rent subsidies
* Funding special events that will lead to a higher profile for the Arts district
* To gain the control and long-term use of real estate or facilities for visual and or performing arts, and art space for arts organizations.

You’ll notice the CityArts Factory is one of the participating vendors, which klynn75 wrote about back in February.

One beef I have with the DAD’s site: They DON’T update regularly! Ouch! The calendar of events most recent update was back in June of 2007 (unless I’m missing something). I got the postcard featured above during a recent lunch visit to Ichiban Japanese restaurant, so I’m assuming it’s current.

2 thoughts on “Looking for more of the arts in Orlando?

  1. Your Florida Friend:

    Awesome! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know. That’s what we’re here for: to help other folks.

    P.S. Your comment about Barney had me crackin’ up.

  2. As a newly migrated member of Orlando, I was having some cravings for the arts community I used to have back home. I was starting to think that the only artwork I’d see would be tattoos on tourists. I was beginning to accept The Barney Show at Universal as live theatre.

    However, while trolling the web on this rainy Sunday, I have found this info from you and knews of Shakespeare from http://www.livingorlando.com/

    There is hope! πŸ™‚

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