You love eating out but hate paying full price!


One of the features of Restaurant.com I really, really like is it’s convenient for all residents of the Central Florida area, not just Orlando. If you’re not aware of or have never visited Restaurant.com is really is a valuable tool for folks who enjoy dining out frequently but also enjoy bargains.

In a nutshell this site offers discounted certificates for well-known restaurant chains as well as “neighborhood joints” and mom-and-pop eateries. Gift certificates can be purchased via their site for 50%, 75% and sometimes more off of the original price. For example, one of my favorite downtown Orlando places is Greek eatery Cafe Annie. Currently, Restaurant.com is offering a $25 gift certificate for the price of $10. That’s a BARGAIN! Be aware, though, before purchasing there might be stipulations associated with the “deal.” For the aforementioned Cafe Annie’s offer, it is valid for dinner dining only, and a minimum of four (4) people must be present. While looking around the site other offers have “minimum purchases” required, and, of course, the gift certificate doesn’t typically apply to alcohol purchases.

Regardless of the limitations associated with Restaurant.com, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A few of the more well-known restaurants listed on the site are:

Barney’s Steak & Seafood
Friday’s/T.G.I. Friday’s
Le Peep

If you’d like to check-out Restaurant.com here are a few tips to help you navigate through the site:

1. Click here or type http://www.restaurant.com into your brower.
2. Find your city. You can do this by entering your zip code or your state into the content box on the righthand side of the site. (Hint: if you chose to enter your zip code you’ll get quicker results; however, by searching for your state you’ll get a broader range of results in your area.) Only continue with steps 2-4 if you are searching by zip code.

Picture 38

3. Select your “region.” Cities are segmented-out by “regions,” so you’ll need to find yours and check the box located beside it.

Picture 41

4. Find your city. Look for your city in the dropdown menu.

Picture 42

5. Start finding restaurants that interest you. It’s that simple!

Now I know there’s much information contained in this post, but I’d like to share a few more benefits I feel Restaurant.com offers its visitors. So hang with me….

Newsletter sign-up. I realize this is a feature most every site offers, but by signing-up to receive newsletters from Restaurant.com, you can have offers and deals e-mailed directly to you. This comes in handy for offers that are time-sensitive, or “for a limited time only.”
Gift certificates. This is a perfect gift idea for someone you know who enjoys eating out often.
Location Each search result displays the restaurant’s physical location, and most of the time contact information. This is definitely useful information when considering to purchase a gift certificate.

So that’s Restaurant.com, a great service offered to Orlando and Central Florida residents alike. If you’ve ever used the site for a breakfast, lunch or dinner we’d love to hear about it. Simply click here to e-mail us.

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  1. Another caveat to note … if you don’t use up the entire gift certificate you might not be able to 1.) get cash back (highly doubt anyone would give you that or 2.) you can’t use any unused portion for a second visit. It’s a use it all or loose it deal. Kind of frustrating, but if you know ahead of time just eat a lot!

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