Pet Pulse: A Weekly Series

Hello, “Pulse of Central Florida” readers! We’re glad you’re here. We’re even more glad that we’ve been given a chance to meet you guys. We are Peanut (first photo) and Bean, and we belong to blog co-authors klynn75 and akeorlando, respectively. We’re here to announce a new series on this blog called Pet Pulse. We think it’s gonna be really cool, and that you’re going to like it.



We know how much you love your pets. And we also know how much you like to show off your pets! And klynn75 and akeorlando are here to help you do just that. So here’s the deal. “Pet Pulse” will be published every Wednesday with a new photo/feature. But we need YOU to send in photos of your pet, because that’s who we’re going to be featuring*. Just e-mail your photo (high resolution, please) to pulseofcentralflorida[at]mail[dot]com–along with a little bit about your furry friend–and we’ll pick a new photo each week. You’ll just have to check-in every week to see if you’re pet was the lucky chosen one!

What do you think? Cool? We’re excited, and definitely anxious to meet your loving pet. After all…we love making new friends! Send us your photos now!

* While all pets are awesome, remember this is an Orlando/Central Florida blog so we’ll only feature pets in from Orlando/Central Florida communities!

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