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Welcome to Fleet Feet Orlando*, a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Located in the bustling Altamonte Springs shopping district (Altamonte Mall, Crane’s Roost), this tiny shop can be found nestled among many name brand stores. But don’t let it’s anonymity fool you. Fleet Feet Orlando is a jem.

I recently visited the store because I was with someone who was looking for some new running shoes. Firstly, the staff is friendly, and extremely attentive. Maybe just a tad too attentive, if you know what I mean, but I’ll leave judgement up to you after you visit. Here’s why the Fleet Feet Orlando store left an impression on me:

1. Friendly employees. Like I mentioned, the staff is friendly, and immediately greeted me and the person I was with. Always a plus in my book.
2. Extremely devoted customer service. My shopping buddy has his feet measured, and after telling the sales person what current [running] issues he’s dealing with, she brought out shoes that would accommodate his excercise regime.
3. The store has a family feel. Yes, I like my non-unique, you-can-find-on-every-street-corner-in-America store, but I also really enjoy supporting down home, family-oriented businesses. There’s just a great feeling knowing the people you are giving your money to.

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I took a picture of the inside of the store while I was there. (Yes, I pretty much take my camera with me everywhere I go these days!) While it’s not the best angle of the store, you get the idea of the “family feel” I’m referring to. I chose this particular photo to feature, though, because of the treadmill in the front.

Now here’s the cool thing about Fleet Feet Orlando…and what stuck with me. After being fitted with the proper shoes, my shopping partner stepped-up on the treadmill and started running. Now while he was doing this, the sales person filmed it, and then played it back on a flat screen television behind the treadmill to show him where his “challenges” are. Very cool! I’d never seen this before. But it seemed to work. After the first attempt proved a need for different shoes, my shopping co-hort was fitted with the proper pair, and hopped on the treadmill again. IT’S A MATCH!

All that attention paid for a pair of running shoes. I was very impressed. In fact, I think I might be ready for a new pair of running shoes myself. And Fleet Feet Orlando is definitely the place I’ll go!

* Aside from shoes Fleet Feet Orlando also carries exercise clothes and literature on local health & exercise events.

3 thoughts on “For your next pair of running shoes…

  1. Tom:

    Firstly, let me say thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment on my post. I really appreciate it; your time and attention is something not seen much anymore by company owners. You’ve definitely raised my already heightened opinion of Fleet Feet as an organization.

    Secondly, I can only hope the store has gained some new customers as a result of our blog post. Our goal with this blog–as I’ve mentioned many times–is to be a resource for residents in the Central Florida area. My co-author and I both believe in promoting and supporting local businesses, so we’d much rather see sports enthusiasts patron Fleet Feet rather than the other “typical” chains.

  2. akeorlando-
    Well thanks very much for the review of the store! Eric and Stacy Bartos, the owners, have a tremendous commitment to the complete customer experience, which is reflected in the F.I.T. process your friend had. I hope the service is as good in any of our 84 locally owned and operated stores. And Courtney, I hope you get into the FF Sports Bouder store, Kathy and Jay lead a strong team serving the needs of the Boulder running and walking community.

    Live Fit

    Tom Raynor
    Chairman and CEO
    Fleet Feet, Inc.

  3. There’s a Fleet Feet in Boulder, I hear that they’re excellent for fittings and since shoes really do matter when it comes to running, Fleet Feet is a good place to start.

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