Enjoy a Movie in Central Park!

If you ever find yourself complaining that there’s nothing to do in the Central Florida area (this of which I’ve been guilty many times), you shouldn’t have that excuse anymore. Sponsored by Maitland arthouse theater Enzian and the city of Winter Park, Winter Park Popcorn Flicks is a weekly series of classic films shown free to the public in Winter Park’s charming Central Park. This happens every Thursday evening at sunset. Best of all…it’s FREE! So no more “there’s nothing to do in Orlando” needed.

The first film showing:

Casablance advert for

Look, I’m even giving you the address and a map. So short of me coming to pick-you-up and drive you there myself, you already have a great night planned for a date, catching-up with a group of friends, or just heading out on your own and meeting new people.

Central Park
251 Park Avenue South
Winter Park, FL 32789

Map of Central Park on Park Avenue

2 thoughts on “Enjoy a Movie in Central Park!

  1. I went to see Casablanca in the park and it was WONDERFUL!

    A few tips:

    1. Bring a blanket, keeps you warm and helps fight mosquitos!
    2. Arrive about an hour early to claim some good territory.
    3. Bring a chair, the ground will make your limbs lose circulation.
    4. Feel free to bring your own goodies to snack on, but do NOT litter people! That’s just rude!
    5. Please, turn off your phone. Please?

    The only thing is that after the movie, the only eateries available are the very pricey digs on Park Avenue- sad face! šŸ™

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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