Orlando’s very own Lady Liberty

Did you know Orlando has its very own Statue of Liberty? That’s right! Just near the heart of downtown, by the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, is a miniature Lady Liberty. I did a little bit of research but couldn’t really find anything substantial about why this statue is located at the end of Magnolia Blvd. by the entrance of I-4, but it’s fun to look at nonetheless.

Do you have your own photos of this Orlando statue? Or any knowledge about why this statue was placed here? If so let us know via the comments section here in this post.

Orlando's Lady Liberty

Photo courtesy of Flickr user wbeem.

2 thoughts on “Orlando’s very own Lady Liberty

  1. “There are over 200 of these replicas in 39 states in the United States and several of its possessions and territories. The project was the brainchild of Kansas City businessman JP Whitaker, who was then Scout Commissioner of the Kansas City Council.
    The copper statues were manufactured by Friedly-Voshardt Company of Chicago, IL and purchased through the Kansas City Boy Scout Office. All of the statues were erected in the early 1950’s by Boy Scout troops and others to celebrate scoutings 40th anniversary theme “Strengthen the Arm of Liberty”. The statues are approximately 8 1/2 feet tall without the base, constructed of sheet copper, weigh 290 pounds and originally cost $350 plus freight.”

    At this time remember that area of downtown was still very urban and the parks surrounding.

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