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Seems like lately the majority of my posts have centered around food. If you follow us here on our blog, that should come as no surprise! Logan’s Bistro in Orlando is, for me, an interesting dining experience. I’ve been there twice and each time I’ve had mixed emotions after leaving. It’s not that I don’t like the little neighborhood joint, I just feel their offerings are a tad bit overpriced for what you get and the location they’re in. (Mind you, I have no problem for paying for good food and a memorable dining experience.) Anyway, I dined there a couple of nights ago, and I’ll share my experience with you — you can make up your own mind for yourself.

Shock Top beer With any good meal one needs a good drink. I decided to whet my palette with a pint of Shock Top beer; I’d never had this before and I’m a big beer fan so it seemed like a good choice. And…it…was! Definitely the perfect start to my evening.

Next I moved on to a glass of red wine. Something the server recommended, and I can’t recall the name of it. Not too bad. I prefer dry, oakey wines, and this seemed to fit-the-bill as they say.

Logan's Bistro caesar saladSo my dining partner and I both ordered salads prior to dinner. Mine, a simple side caesar salad. I typically enjoy caesar salads and this one was quite good, with the exception of two things:

1. It took about half-an-hour for the salad to come out (WAY too long, in my opinion, for a pre-dinner salad) and
2. There were two BIG anchovies on top of the salad, and I’m not a fan of those.

As I mentioned before I’m a big fan of dining experiences, and I pretty much take my time while eating, so I was willing to overlook these two things.

Salad in belly and moving on to the main course! I ordered the pot roast with a side of yucca mashed potatoes. YUM! I was all over it. Despite the picture I’ve provided here, the dish looked very appetizing. The dish was garnished with cooked spinach, which I’m not really keen on, so I just tossed those aside. The roast was tender, juicy, and tasty. I was quite pleased!

Logan's Bistro pot roast

The beer, wine, salad and main dish had stomach filled-up, so dessert would’ve been…well, an indulgence. Not one I normally take part in. Although the desserts being passed around at other tables looked amazing! So my dinner co-hort and I were ready to go.

Here’re a couple of noteworthy things about Logan’s Bistro, and why I’ve left somewhat undecided both times I’ve eaten there:

Price. As I stated, I have no problem paying for a nice dinner. All-in-all the total cost of my dinner was $50 (not including tip). Not unreasonable by any means but a dinner I consider a “treat.” Of course, skipping on the alcohol and having water, tea, or a soda certainly cuts down on cost.
Menu. The menu is very limited. Right now the restaurant is “trying out a new concept” (so I can’t provide you with a copy here) and is changing quite frequently. I love “concept” dining but do like having many options.
Location. The location of the venue is a bit odd. There are no other restaurants in the vicinity; it’s a mostly residential and business neighborhood, and one might feel like it’s a bit questionable.

Logan’s Bistro is located at:

802 Virginia Drive
Orlando, FL 32803-2530

If you’ve been to Logan’s Bistro and you have an experience you’d like to share, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment.

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  1. The best thing I can say about Logan’s is that it’s inconsistent. I’ve never walked away from a meal there feeling completely satisfied and totally agree with the price for value; I never felt I got what I paid for. Glad (read: unhappy) that nothing’s changed.

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