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Air travel and airport security these days is mostly not fun. Particularly here in the Orlando area, where we have one darn busy airport. I should know — I just returned from a visit to Austin. It doesn’t have to all be bad though.

During my recent excursion I took note of some tips that might just help you during your next travel out of Orlando International Airport.

ClockFirstly, early-to-mid-morning travelers typically experience long wait times at the security check. If you’ve ever taken one of the first flights out, or a flight around 10am, then you know you can expect wait times anywhere from half-an-hour to an hour. And that’s during non-peak travel season; it’s worse during holidays or Spring Break. I think we can all agree this is not fun. That’s why late morning or early afternoon flights are advisable — if you can fit that into your travel schedule.

Clear pass imageWhile waiting in the security line this past week I really started thinking about the advantages of the Clear pass. If you’re not familiar with this program, for a fee you can purchase a “bypass” card, which gets you through security much more quickly. There’s rarely a line; according to the security guard I asked, this program costs $100 (not including any additional taxes or fees). I usually only travel by air once a year–sometimes twice–so I don’t really think this would be the best investment for me. However, I’ll be flying a minimum of four times this year, so perhaps I might look into getting the Clear pass. If you travel for business you’re really doing yourself a disservice by not using this program, which is only currently in a few select US cities…Orlando, obviously, included.

Getting to the airport:

This is always a tad tricky. Of course, if you have someone — a relative or a friend — who can drive you to the airport and drop you off, that’s the most advisable scenario. However, I know that’s not always how things work out. If you must drive yourself to the airport there are a few cost-effective options, one of which is off-site parking like The Parking Spot. Sites like this offer-up affordable, secure parking, along with free shuttles to the airport. Do your own research about which off-site parking vendor you’d like to use. I prefer The Parking Spot because they’re friendly, located closest to the airport, and they have the option of covered parking. (Keep in mind that if utilizing one of these off-site parking services, you need to bake-in approximately 20 minutes for travel to the airport.)

While flying back from Austin I was reading a copy of Wired magazine on the plane. They actually had a really great feature, on tips to help make flying–specifically security check–a more efficient experience. Take a look at it here:


** Useful tip: before making any flight arrangements out of Orlando International Airport, check flight availability at Sanford International Airport. It might be a little further to drive but the difference in flight expense and parking arrangements might be worth the effort! **

So I hope you find these tips useful during your next flight in-and-out of Orlando International Airport. If you have any tips of your own please feel free to share them with me by e-mailing me.

6 thoughts on “Travel the easy way!

  1. I was reluctant about forking over the money for Clear Pass, however after using the service a few times I am thrilled. I was whisked past well over a hundred people the last flight I had to make and put right through. The Clear Pass people who work at the stations are more polite and respectful than on the other lines and I literally saved almost an hour each time I have flown. Now that they are adding more airports it is much better. If you go to the official clear pass web site and sign up using this REFERRAL CODE: SCA20888 You and I both will get one free month! A lot of people complain but I doubt they have the pass. I honestly would rather get through the security gates faster and sit comfortably at the gate for my always delayed flights!

  2. ClearPass doesn’t seem to be all that great a deal in my book.

    Here’s the proposition:

    You give:
    a LOT of info to the Dept of Homeland Security, as well as permission to do detailed background checks

    You get:
    a ID card that contains an unprecedented amount of info on you
    to cut to the front of the line in security. Note that you DON’T get to bypass security or the tedious shoes-off/belt-off routine, you just get to cut in front of your fellow travelers.

    As a person who flies about 4 times per month, I say No Thanks.

  3. Tom:

    Thanks for the tip! I will definitely make sure and take a look, especially for the next time I have air travel.

    We appreciate your stopping by!

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