Community, Sidewalk Style

I love community. And when I say community I mean a feeling of belonging. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say what I saw today embodied a feeling of “belonging,” per say, but it’s a pretty good representation of folks interacting with each other. In Winter Park where the annual sidewalk art festival is happening, I drove past a really cool art display. Just outside of the Urban Flats (see klynn75’s previous post) was a fantastic collection of original paintings and artwork — some artists were actually painting there by the side of the road.

I wasn’t able to stop and take a photo so here’s the best I could do from inside the car:

Art display at Urban Flats

2 thoughts on “Community, Sidewalk Style

  1. Kim:

    I didn’t actually go to the festival; in fact, somehow this year I missed the news about when it was. I did, though, get caught up in the traffic nearby the festival…and that’s when I saw this cool “street artwork”!

  2. I’m sad that I missed the Winter Park Arts Festival this year! I hadn’t even heard it was going on until Friday! Nice Post.

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