Breaking news: Room 3 Nine closes

No sooner did I write a post about downtown Orlando restaurant/bar Room 3 Nine, I discover they have closed. Apparently they’ve been bought out, and a place called “Finnhenry’s” is going to assume the space.

No information yet on what type of food the new place will serve, or whether it will maintain the “lunch by day, bar by night” practice. I’ll share as more details are made available.

Room 3 Nine R.I.P.

5 thoughts on “Breaking news: Room 3 Nine closes

  1. Alan:

    Thanks for the url. I work downtown and have been watching the progress on the venue. Perhaps klynn75 (my blog co-author) and I can come in, take some pictures, and do a feature.

    We’re always open to gift certificates and/or free drinks! Ha ha ha!

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