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I’m lucky–and sometimes I think blessed–to live in the historic Delaney Park community; I’ve been in the neighborhood two-and-a-half years now. Sitting just south of the East-West Expressway and blocks from the downtown area, Delaney Park is quaint, friendly, and all-around charming. And the heart of Delaney Park is unarguably its 7-acre park. Easily accessible from Orange Avenue, Delaney Park offers:

• Tennis courts (be advised there are only two)
• Baseball field
• Public restrooms
• Park
• Picnic tables
• cleanliness

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The park recently had a new fountain put in (see photo above, which I took earlier today). It’s a great addition to this neighborhood park, and definitely worth seeing next time you pay a visit to Delaney Park.

Two big things to keep in mind if you anticipate visiting Delaney Park: 1) the baseball field often hosts games on weekends so there are more people than on other days and 2) there is only street parking available, so this can sometimes be a challenge on those days when there are games. And remember, this is a residential community so mind both your speed and noise levels when visiting.

Whether looking to get some exercise, watch a local baseball game, catch-up with some friends or just catch-up on some rays, consider Delaney Park next time you’re out. If you’d like more information about Delaney Park, as well as other Central Florida parks, click here.

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