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Jason's Deli

There’s certainly never a shortage of places to eat in Central Florida. It’s finding somewhere unique and, well…anti-establishment, if you will, that’s sometimes difficult. That’s why I’m glad there’s Jason’s Deli. Now before you say anything, yes…I’m aware there are Jason’s Deli franchises across the United States, and therefore may not necessarily be considered anti-establishment, but it still holds a neighborhood-type feel, and that’s what I find appealing.

Not quite a fast-food joint, Jason’s Deli does boast quick service, which is probably why it’s usually busy during lunch hour (I’ve never dined there for dinner). But adequate seating in the dining room and prompt service make any wait seem to pass quickly. When you do make it to the “order” station you’ll find a robust menu of sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts. And while nothing on the menu is particularly innovative, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite.

When grabbing a quick bite to eat at the Altamonte Springs location this past weekend I took note of two really great consumer features:

Salad “quick” line. If you elect not to order off the menu and take advantage of the deli’s salad bar you can skip ahead of the line. If you opt for this though, make sure and look for the “salad bar line” — you don’t want to make people waiting in line to order their food angry. (I myself opted for the salad bar on my last visit. Check-out the photo I took below.)
Take out area. If ordering take out there’s a separate entrance for pick-up, which makes it nice not only for you but also for those who are dining in.

There are currently two Jason’s Deli locations in the Central Florida area:

2915 Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407.898.9806
Fax: 407.898.9856

Altamonte Springs
303 E. Altamonte Drive Suite 1350
Altamonte, FL 32701
Phone: 407.830.0699
Fax: 407.830.4418

Salad from Jason's Deli salad barAs we’ve seen with other local restaurants and venues, websites can contain tons of valuable information. JasonsDeli.com is no exception. In fact, their site offers users the ability to order takeout and pick-up; site registration is required for this. And if you know someone who is a Jason’s Deli addict, why not give them a gift card for their next special occasion?!

One downside, in my opinion: buspersons winding through the tight-fitting dining room. Granted, I understand it’s vital to keep turning-over the tables, but there’s something about watching dirty dishes carted around that I find unappetizing.

Oh, and I nearly forgot one of the greatest things about dining at Jason’s Deli: FREE FROZEN YOGURT! You heard right. You can end each meal with complimentary frozen yogurt in a cup or a cone! Worth the trip alone!

4 thoughts on “Jason’s Deli — when you’re looking for an alternative

  1. They have an awesome salad bar, great sandwiches, huge potatoes, and amazing pastas. I could eat there everyday!!

    I did not know they CATER to anyone. My friend had them cater her wedding, great presentation!

    Very Clean!!

    Great Staff!!

    Great management team!!

    I will keep coming back!

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