An aside: Three little words …

I was inspired to write this blog after my experience(s) the last 24 hours.

This post will have no links, no pictures … just words … about three little words.

Maybe your experience with what those three little words are imply that I’m referring to the “Big L,” but if that’s the case, you may be wrong.

You see, I bought my first-ever brand-new car yesterday. And, I must say, at 32, that’s a pretty big deal. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I negotiated the deal myself or the fact that I rode my bike to the dealership and popped it in the back for the way home, but either way, I felt pretty empowered.

Buying a new car was a great feeling. New car smell is underrated, but what’s even more underrated are those three little words: You deserve it!

Big thanks to those who said those magic words; you’ll never know how much it meant.

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