A Taste of Thai

Chances are if you don’t work in downtown Orlando you’re not familiar with the whole-in-the-wall gem that is Thai Cafe. Actually, I wasn’t even aware it existed until I started working at my current downtown job a year-and-a-couple-of-months ago. Off-the-beaten-path, if you will, Thai Cafe is quaint, affordable, and in my experience delicious.

Thai Cafe locationIf you like thai food there should be no surprises popping-up on the Thai Cafe menu — curry, pad thai, pad khing. You can find it all at Thai Cafe. One very important thing to remember when heading over to Thai Cafe: this is a “downtown Orlando weekday restaurant.” Their hours are for lunch (maybe for dinner but I can’t recall); they close around 3pm, and are not open on weekends. Make sure and call ahead of time to verify hours of operation. Parking can also be an issue, as with any downtown restaurant.

Not suprisingly I couldn’t find an official website for Thai Cafe, but I did find some information and reviews on Yelp.com. For the restaurant’s address and telephone number you can visit the page on Yelp.

As I’ve mentioned is often the occurrence at nearby Amura Japanese Restaurant, lunch is sometimes a busy time at Thai Cafe as well…particularly on Fridays. I recommend you go early to beat the lunch crowd, or a little later when everyone else is finishing-up.

Thai Cafe is definitely worth a visit, and a unique find in a sea of mostly un-unique food venues in downtown Orlando. (There is one other thai restaurant a few blocks from Thai Cafe. I don’t like it nearly as well but I’m sure there’ll be a future post on that.)

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